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Cloud Services Offered By Red Alert

Cloud services are not for everybody, although many businesses have realized the advantages.  Red Alert will consult you on your specific requirements and provide any pros and cons about these services and implement the best solution for your business whether you utilize full cloud, partial cloud, private cloud, or just onsite services for your organization.  No matter what you choose we will support you all the way.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is great for offsite backups and particularly beneficial when you need to access your data from anywhere in the world.   All you would need here is a computer and a web browser.

Products - Dropbox

Cloud Email - Hosted Exchange/Hosted Email

This has been around for a long time.  Services such as Google mail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are cloud services.  You email is hosted on the respective companies servers.  Hosted Exchange is similar except it comes with all the features that an exchange system provides.  Exchange hosted on your own site with employees using OWA or Outlook Web Access is technically your private cloud.  Red Alert can help assist with whatever setup you desire.

Cloud Applications - Hosted Applications

  • Google Apps
  • Terminal Services
  • Office 365
  • Salesforce CRM

Cloud Phone System - Hosted PBX 

Office - If you currently pay at least $100/month for phone costs then this solution is well worth looking into for savings and all the free features that come with this solution.  The average business is saving about 70% off their monthly phone bills by moving to a hosted PBX solution.  We can help you achieve this goal.

Benefits of Cloud Service

  • High availability from anywhere in the world
  • No need to purchase expensive hardware onsite
  • No need to hire anyone to manage the service or equipment as that is done by the cloud provider
  • Cloud services are very scalable and resources can be adjusted depending on your specific needs.
  • Very reliable and redundant
  • Can empower employees to be productive outside of the office
  • Assures

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